Our Mission

To inspire people and families to become their best.


be(long): To our family. Begin to worship with us regularly. Join a small group.


be(lieve): In Jesus. Become a follower of Christ. Be baptized.


be(come): All that you were created for. Begin to serve in your gifts. Begin to live a generous life. Discover and begin to live out your calling.

Our Values

Our Dream

To launch a church where every person is welcome to come just as they are, to discover the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ, and to become the person God created them to be!

Our Vision

Becoming Church will be...

  • A church where people are developed into difference-making leaders in our city and beyond.
  • A force for generosity, compassion, and loving acts of service in our city and community.

  • An authentic community that loves the people of RSM and South Orange County… all backgrounds, all ages, and all cultures.
  • A church where people are encouraged by the relevant and timeless truths of Christ.
  • A church that strengthens marriages and helps families to be whole.
  • A church where kids and students learn essential values in a safe and fun environment.
  • A church where people experience inspiration from the creative expression of music and the arts.
  • A church where people begin the journey of following Jesus Christ each and every week.

  • A church with a beautiful facility in RSM that has practical spaces and welcoming environments for the children, students, adults, and families of our city and community.
  • A church that is so exploding with growth that it overflows into the planting of new churches in South Orange County and beyond.


    Want to worship with us?

    Join us Saturday nights at 5:00PM in RSM!
    30151 Avenida De Las Banderas, Suite 100, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA